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Distributor Policy

Regional distributor Policy

1. The principle of cooperation

Fairness and unity, mutual complementarity, mutual benefit and win-win

2. Sales model:

In order to shorten the circulation channels as much as possible, reduce intermediate links, facilitate management and minimize costs, and provide partners with maximum development and profit space. HRUI mainly uses distributors to expand the market. At present, distributor sales have become a main distribution channel for the marketing of our products.

3. Qualifications and responsibilities of distributors:

1. Independent legal entity. The "business scope" registered with the Industrial and Commercial Bureau includes security, communications product sales, security, communications technology services, etc.

2. An independent office space.

3. At least 1 year of business experience.

4. Willing to actively sell our products. A complete company organizational structure.

5. The business is concentrated in the security market. Own a stable customer base

6. In the security communication products, we mainly sell our company‘s products.

7. Comply with the channel business regulations of our series of products.

8. Regularly participate in our marketing activities, promotional activities and related training.

9. According to the distributor agreement, it is necessary to be entrusted by HRUI to provide technical support and after-sales service to local users or project contractors.

10. According to the distributorcontract, complete the specified sales target within the agreement period (tentatively fixed 1 year).

11. If the sales target cannot be completed within the agreement period, our company will handle it according to the specific contract.



4.Distributor rights

(1) Technical support


1. Product technical training.

2. Assist in the production of complete solution and tenders, etc.

3. Solution assistance such as project implementation and maintenance

4. Support 24-hour real-time technical consultation (telephone, telex, online consultation, etc.).

5. Support 24-hour market service hotline and provide various market services at any time.


(2) The market support


1. Free access to market information resources.

2. Support marketing campaigns and product advertisements.

3. Market assessment assistance and continuous improvement suggestions.

5.Distributor rights guarantee


1. Provide high-quality telecommunication products;

2. HRUI strengthens its marketing efforts and establishes a strong brand image;

3. In principle, HRUI does not directly supply to the local terminal user .


6.Distributor commitment

Our company has a strict regional division policy. All distributors or individuals can only operate in the region where they have obtained the qualified for distribution, and cannot sell across regions.