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Service Surpport

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After-sales Surpport

1. HongRui commitment of products warranty for return,  replacement, maintenance

Warranty terms(Suitable for HongRui products and OEM products)

Products Type

 Commitment Policy

Service Mode

PoE Injector (Multi Port), PoE Injectoe (Single Port)PoE SplitterPoE Module,PoE Fiber Media Converter etc

  2 years warranty

customer send to factory

 Video and Audio Video Converter,Fiber Media Converter,HD Video Converter (SDI,HDMI,DVI,VGA,Multi function Video Converter (Telephone, Ethernet, Data),Centralized card-type Video Converter and Rack Chassis etc

 3 years warranty

customer send to factory

 Industrial PoE Switch,、Industrial ring network fiber switch,Industrial chain network fiber switches,Communication lightning protection products,Power lightning protection products etc.

 5 years warranty

 customer send to factory 



1) Product warranty for return,  replacement, maintenance is calculated from the date of sale. (The official delivery notes date shall prevail)
2) If your order products are shut down in the period of the warranty for return,  replacement, maintenance, we will replace a comparable performance products to you.
3) The products warranty for return,  replacement, maintenance are good products.4) Upon Hongrui back guarantee, limited warranty, product warranty too, Paul back, limited warranty, the warranty period is still subject to the original product.
5) The customized products (unconventional products), we do not provide return service.
6) Beyond the free products warranty period, In case of damage, no spare parts supply, or other uncontrollable factors cause unable to repair, we will no longer provide maintenance services.

2. HongRui contents of products warranty for return,  replacement, 

1) Free Returns: Since
 the date of sale (the official delivery notes date shall prevail, the same below) and within the free return period, if the product does not work because of their own quality problems, customers can choose to return, replacement or failure component repair.
2) Free Replacement: Since the date of sale and within the free replacement period, if the product does not work because of their own quality problems, customers can choose to replace or failure component repair. (the product must ensure that no physical damage and no shell damage).
3) Free Maintenance: Since the date of sale and within the warranty period, if the product does not work because of their own quality problems, we will provide free maintenance service.
4) The products warranty for return, replacement, maintenance is just limited to the host product. Accessory such as power supply lines, any cables, CD, User Manual etc, are beyond the warranty range. if the accessories have problems within one month after purchase,  can be free replacement.
5) External power adapter warranty period is three months. The following are not belong to warranty period, customers need to purchase it separately, such as the repaired power obviously has hard damage, cracks, broken legs, severe deformation, and the power line is damaged, broken, bare etc.

3. Any of the following circumstances, is not belong to the products warranty for return,  replacement, maintenance

1) Not according to the instructions required to install, use, maintenance, custody result in product failure or damage
2) Beyond the products warranty for return, replacement, maintenance.
3) Unauthorized alteration, tore product barcode;
4) Unauthorized changes inherent settings file or disassemble repair;
5) Product damage causes by unexpected factors or human behavior, such as improper input voltage, high temperature, water penetrate, mechanical damage, broken, severe oxidation or rust etc.
6) Damage caused by transportation, loading and unloading ( when customers sent back to repair )
7) Product failure or damage caused by force majeure, such as earthquakes, fires, floods, lightning strikes.
8) Product failure or damage caused by other non-product itself design, technology, manufacturing, quality etc.

 4.  Maintenance Service

1. Any products that is not belong to the warranty, we can provide a paid maintenance service. Customers will be charged a certain maintenance costs, material costs, and shipping costs.
2. Products after the paid maintenance, the same performance issues will enjoy three months maintenance warranty from the date of repaired.
3. Customers or dealers will paid the freight they sent the repaired products to us, we will paid the freight we sent the maintenance products to the customer or dealer.

5. Special Announcement

1) The above service commitment is only available for HongRui products. For products with detailed contract terms when customer order them, the contract shall prevail. 
2)  For extra promises not made by HongRui, but only by distributor, HongRui company will not be responsible for it. Customer should ask distributors for written documents, so that distributors will keep their promises.
3)  If you have a product technical issues need to consult , welcome to  call HongRui service hotline: 0755-61184158-8015, our engineers will provide you a professional answer. You also could send a email to And you could visit our Web: Http: // for more solved information of products operations.

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