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Due to increased competition,  accelerated changes in market demand, while the product market life cycles shorten, delivery time required improved, products begin to develop for many varieties, small batch. those old competitive factors has evolved a necessary condition for maintaining the competitiveness of enterprises, core element of competition has gone from providing low cost, high quality and good after-sales service into a "speed", competition among enterprises has evolved into the competition between supply chains. Under the same conditions, the sooner companies can respond to customers, the shorter lead-time to provide products, so the stronger viability, the more they get advantage in the competition.
Shenzhen HongRui with years of development experience in Ethernet power and optical communications, and technology accumulation of product stability, so we could provide high quality best price products customized services, to help you gain the upper hand in terms of product quality, and achieve faster time to market. At present, we mainly provide two type customers cooperation:
OEM service:

Customers can choose our mature and stable products, or according to your actual requirements for functional cut, through the complementary advantages both to achieve win-win !
ODM service:

ODM——Original Design Manufacturer, that can provide customers entire service from product development, design and manufacture, also post-maintenance. Customers just simply offer us the functional requirements and specifications, we can develop the products to meet the requirements. Simultaneously, our company also can offer OEM service, meet all customer requirements.