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Staff Care

--Staff Care 
" The 21st century’s competition is talented person‘s competition ", "An enterprise‘s development and rise is based on managers management talents and employees work together. If the manager is the captain of the charge, then employees is a powerful backing. Only the solidarity can create successful companies. Our company fully understand the enterprise core competitiveness , the development of source of all and every good employees in the company together, so we must pay special attention to the care staff this important work.

--Care measures

1.  Purchasing National legal social insurance for the employees, and make the employees to participate in the social security system, freeing from worries;
2. Seting up training system, encouraging employees to work in the study, study after work, making an effort to create opportunities for growth and talent stage;
3. To create a good work, study and living environment for our employees , make the staffs in a relaxed, happy and harmonious environment, the steadfast work and growth;
4. Providing adequate rest holidays, legal holiday paid vacation;
5. Provide plenty of opportunities for advancement, the company high position vacancy priority selection from the company‘s employees;
6. Actively initiating recreational activities, providing rich and colorful amateur life for the employees.

--Variety of Activities

         Learning exchange                                              Outdoor expand                                         Employee Birthday Party
           Annual meeting                                                                     Dragon Boat Festival                                             Go out for fun