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Nice weapen for Set up network , L3 10G Managed Ethernet switch

In recent years, the state vigorously promote the construction of safe city, with the construction scale of the growing, the industry for the growing demand for monitoring data transmission equipment, at the same time how to choose the right to meet the overall performance of the network monitoring switch, higher requirement.

   Hong Rui for the current market demand for the introduction of a more cost-effective 28-port 10 Gigabit Ethernet switch management, models have two models were:

HR-SWTG342408、24*10/100/1000M Ethernet +8*1000M SFP(Combo)+4*10G SFP port;
24*1000M SFP +8*1000M Ethernet(Combo)+4*10G SFP port

This type of switch provides more update functions, supporting Layer 3 management functions such as ring network, VLAN, SNMP, ARP, VRRP, static routing, RIP (V1 / V2), OSPF (V2), aggregation, and Web management. Can better meet the network security, service quality, link protection and other needs.

With industrial 10G network switching chip

With advanced hardware processing capabilities and the most abundant business features to provide full line speed without blocking the ability to exchange, to meet the 10 Gigabit network traffic data without blocking requirements. With a stable exchange processing capacity, packet forwarding rate of 96Mpps, backplane bandwidth of 128Gbps; truly soft and hard combination, from the forwarding stability, packet processing speed, support for functional business capabilities, etc. to enhance product quality. Completely solve the high-definition monitoring data transmission slow, the phenomenon of card Caton, a great deal to meet the needs of users of high bandwidth.

Fast ring-network protocol

With multi-layer switching capacity and wire-speed routing and forwarding capabilities; to ensure that the device excellent networking capabilities, easy to connect to the backbone network, extending the use of equipment. Stable and reliable fast ring protection protocol (RSTP), the real realization of loop redundancy protection. Customers in the use of switches when the 10 Gigabit port directly free access to access network, reducing the probability of network

Frim network security method

It supports dynamic or static binding of user identification elements such as IP, MAC, VLAN, and port, and dynamically triggers user policy (VLAN, QoS, ACL). Support the storm control function, can broadcast, multicast, unicast storm suppression; support the unique ARP intrusion detection function, can be used to support the storm control function, can be broadcast, multicast, unicast storm suppression; support unique ARP intrusion detection function can be Effectively prevent hackers or attackers through the implementation of ARP packets increasingly popular "ARP spoofing attack".

Flexible and easy to mange a variety of function

Support the command line configuration (CLI), through the Telnet, Console port management, suitable for professional network management personnel; through a simple visual Web interface (support http and https protocol), the switch can be a variety of functions simple and convenient operation; Support a key to restore the factory settings, so that maintenance is more simple.

Core Layer 3 anged switch solution

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