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Industry application

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Industrial automation control system

Industrial automation systems is a general term of automation technology tools for measurement and controlling the industrial production process and mechanical and electrical equipment, technology and equipment (including automatic measuring instrument and control device),using control theory, instrumentation, computer and other information technology to make detection, control, optimization, scheduling and management and decision-making for industrial production processes, increase yield and improve quality, reduce consumption,ensure the safety.

HRUI Solution Advantage

The industrial automation control system adopts the HR600M-SWTG342408 gigabit network managed switch, HR600M-2G8GE-SFP network din rail switch and serial Ethernet server setting network. Serial Ethernet server supports 1 Ethernet interface and 2 serial communication to data exchange, directly connected with the automation equipment, the information sensor collected by HR600M-2G8GE-SFP and HR600M-SWTG342408 feedback to the control station,at the same time,delivery the control information of control station to the PLC automation equipment, realize the unified management and automatic control of the automatic equipment and sensing equipment.

System structure

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