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Electric power automatic alarming and monitoring system

With the development of computer technology and network communication technology, the application of digital technology in the field of security is more and more widely, especially in banking, telecommunications, electricity and water conservancy and other important sectors of the country.Network monitoring has basically formed. The traditional video surveillance system is limited by the development of technology. It can only monitor the scene and transmit the simple alarm information, so it can not transmit video signals for a long distance. As for the power industry with a large number of unattended sites, remote and real-time monitoring is one of the necessary conditions for the safe operation of the industry system.

HRUI Solution

Guizhou province power remote monitoring project is mainly used in Xingyi, Xingren, Zhenfeng and other cities of Guizhou province, used to cover the surrounding county substation,44 substations in all.Each substation is distributed 6 to 8 video surveillance stations covered substation monitoring range. Also equipped with fire linkage alarm system. The camera uses fiber port outputting by the star structure to connected with the HR600M-82F-SFP switch. While the substation is monitoring / storing video information, the video information of each substation is uploaded to the central backbone monitoring of the power bureau through the HR600M-SWTG342408 switch. It can not only realize remote monitoring, but also carry out the transmission of PTZ control signals through the system, and Synthetically realize the functions of video surveillance, video control and linkage alarm.

System structure

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