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Industry application

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Automatic monitoring system of highway tunnel power

The system is targetting 10KV power supply system, toll station,power distribution system, tunnel lighting ventilation and distribution system, set in the sub-center of the main station system and installed in the field of various types of monitoring and control devices, through the remote Centralized monitoring function of sub-center system, automatic control of the out field monitoring and control devices and local control of the host automatic control function to achieve full line of electricity for power distribution and tunnel ventilation and lighting automation management,liberate labor resources,make the all station of whole system unattended.

HRUI Solution Advantage

For the highway monitoring system with long distance and many tunnels, we use three layers architecture.The first layer is the central master station and the second level the local monitoring host,the third layers: all kinds of out-field protection measurement and control device, the first and the second layer are connected by HRUI industrial fiber Ethernet switch, and the second and third layers are connected by the fiber data network inside the area or bus data network,ensures the reliable, safe and fast information transmission,and establishes a stable and reliable communication network with moderate cost performance.For fast transmission network channel, the long tunnel is configured with private distribution room and 10KV switch station, data monitoring control is carried out by integrated workstation, short tunnel configuration box substation adopts pre communication management machine to monitor and control the data.

System structure

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