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Network solution for offshore mining platforms

Offshore oil and gas infrastructure work in harsh and complex marine environment for a long time, influenced by wave, impact corrosion and erosion, fatigue and other adverse factors,so it need a stable and reliable system to monitor operating status for real-time and uninterrupted.Network system as the communication infrastructure of the monitoring system, need providing stable data transmission services in the same environment.Network equipment should have the ability to work stably for a long time in a wide temperature, corrosion and vibration environment, provide high performance communication support for SCADA, video, voice and other multi service system.

HRUI Solution Advantage

·Support stable,realiable network environment
·Support 10/100Mbps,1G,10G bandwidth,support fiber port,ethernet port,sfp port,improved connectivity flexibility·
·Support IEC62439-6/DRP,provide<20ms network recovery from failure time
·Support DHO rendundant protocol,network structure flexible,single node changed is not affected to other node of the network.
·Support IEC60068-2-6,meet vibration demand of offshore platform
·Optional three proofing coating to protect the equipment from moisture and salt fog at sea
·Industrial design, double redundancy protection power supply, -40~85 ℃ wide temperature, EMC4

System structure

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