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Industry application

Industry application

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Monitoring project for Municipal Utility Tunnel

In the modern city, the function of the comprehensive utility tunnel is very important. It undertake the responsibility of the communication, power supply, gas supply, water supply and heating supply and is closely related to the people‘s life. How to ensure the safe and stable operation of the comprehensive utility tunnel becomes an urgent problem to be solved in the municipal construction.
HRUI has won many successful projects in many municipal integrated utility tunnel monitoring projects in China by excellent product quality and so many years of technical accumulation in the field of interface conversion and industrial switches

HRUI Solution Advantage
》Equipments all are industrial product,the switch be used are certificated by national grid‘s Class A,IEC 61850-3.
》Wide temperature and wide voltage ,dual redundant power supply,- -40~85℃ working temperature
》IP protection grade is IP40
》The optical fiber redundant loop network,setting network is simple, stable and reliable
》Private rapid ring technology,fault switching time<50ms.
》The perfect network management function, HRUI switch supports CLI, Telnet, WEB and other common management way, also has the SNMP management function. HRUI powerful integrated network management software can make a heathy detection to the whole network,in a timely, accurate and comprehensive manner.

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