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Integrated monitoring system for metallurgical automation

The energy management system of iron and steel enterprises is mainly responsible for centralized monitoring and management of the data of electric power systems, power systems and water supply and drainage systems. Through the centralized monitoring and control of the energy system, realize the automatic, efficient and scientific management for energy data collection, process monitoring, energy consumption analysis, energy consumption management.Through data analysis, can help enterprises to conduct real-time assessment of the main energy consuming equipment, eliminate waste, and can help enterprises to further optimize the service condition, to reduce energy consumption cost, improve the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises.

HRUI Solution Advantage

An energy management system is an enterprise level system, network range covering the entire plant and usually consisting of tens or hundreds of nodes. As the central nervous system, the performance and stability of the industrial Ethernet play an important role in the stable operation of the whole system. The energy EMS system adopts C/S and B/S structure, and the network architecture considers four layers of network. One is the real-time collection network system of industrial Ethernet ring network (single network), the communication rate is 1000Mb, and the scene data and equipment process status are collected in real time. The other is the real-time monitoring network, which implements real-time monitoring and operation control of scene devices through redundant partitions, SCADA servers and operating stations. Third, management information network, using real-time database and relational database resources, through the management platform to achieve the rational allocation of energy, prediction and analysis, statistical statements, printing and other functions. The fourth is the interface network of ERP and MES, which realizes the exchange of data information with ERP and MES through the intermediate server or firewall. The EMS system network is divided into three main parts. The bottom layer is energy ring consisted of HRUI industrial switches, the upper layer is the three layer switch composed of a central network, outside layer is firewall, for external communication system. In the usual industrial Ethernet structure, when a transmission medium is corrupted or a switch accidentally stops,it will make the transmission failure.But using the ring network technology, when a single point of failure, you can switch to standby routing, greatly improving the reliability of the system. Considering the equipment cost, only add a standby fiber to the original system. From the point of view of system design and configuration,only open the ring redundancy function of the industrial switch,and all normal switching functions are not affected. As far as transmission medium is concerned, Gigabit Industrial Ethernet ring can be constructed by either optical fiber or twisted pair, which has great flexibility.

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