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Photovoltaic power generation monitoring system solution

Photovoltaic power generation system is using principle of photovoltaic effect,converting solar energy into electric energy, the main part is mainly composed of photovoltaic array, convergence box, DC inverter cabinet and box change, which is characterized by high reliability, long service life, no pollution, can independent power grid operation, is clean clean energy all over the world organization‘s favor, has broad prospects for development.

HRUI Solution Advantage

 The photovoltaic power generation system is mainly composed of solar photovoltaic panels,convergence box, DC cabinets, inverters, box change and transformers. PV power generation communication system mainly power generation by PV area PV module consists of PV district serial server, outdoor room switch HR600M-2G8GE-SFP and boost station switch HR600M-SWTG34240F8, through the cable , the convergence box, DC cabinet, then through the inverter to make DC into AC, through the box change,make the voltage up to 35KV,through the power cable,transmit  to the boost station, the voltage increased to 110kv, and then transported to the national grid. In the PV area of ​​the convergence box need to monitor each circuit current,voltage and power and other measurements, the serial server let the  detection data of convergence box,DC cabinet, Inverter and box change access to the communication network,transmit to the relay protection room by HRUI ring network switch HR600M-2G8GE-SFP, after the relay protection room rack mounted switch HR600M-SWTG34240F8 access to optical power prediction and control, etc. backstage systems for data processing analysis and preservation. Each 1MW corresponds to an outdoor chamber, the PV area is generally composed of 20-100 outdoor rooms, each 10 sets and switch from control room switches form a fiber ring network,ensure the stability and stability of network communications. The operator can remotely monitor and control the photovoltaic area‘s equipment, thus greatly reducing the workload of the scene maintenance and the resulting personal safety risks.

System structure

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