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Industry application

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Wind power generation monitoring system solution

With the large construction of wind farms, remote monitoring system of wind generator has been widely used. Wind power monitoring system is responsible for managing the operation data, status, real-time conditions and fault types of all kinds of wind turbines.Wind controller communicate with monitoring conter about unit data, status and fault information through the industrial Ethernet Switch,at the same time,the monitoring host can convey controlling command to the wind generator controller, and realize remote monitoring function. So as to realize the whole wind power information management.

HRUI Solution Advantage

>Can meet requirement of dry or moist harsh environment
>Communication equipment can effectively prevent the wind generator generating EMI/EMS interference
>Equipment is stable, safe and trouble free operation 
>The communication distance is far and not easy to be disturbed
>The wind field is scattered,has many communication nodes , which is beneficial to the maintenance of the system
>IP40 prtection grade,moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, sand protection, -40~85 degrees of work temperature support
>It is superior to the anti electromagnetic interference capability of power IEC61850-3 and IEEE1613
>Communications equipment HR600 has reached at least 25 years, 5 years of free after-sales support
>Using SW-Ring redundant ring network patent protocol network structure, the ring back time <20ms, ensure stable network transmission
>Support 1~24 fiber port for mulitple choice,ensure flexible setting network.

System structure

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