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Industry application

Industry application

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Wind farm industrial switch solution

The temperature difference between day and night is large, the weather is dry and sand always blown by the wind, and the communication equipment is required to meet the windy environment. There are many strong electric equipments in the wind turbine,so need the communication equipment can effectively prevent the EMI / EMS interference.
Wind farm construction area is generally large, and the communication equipment are in the wind tower, the project maintenance is more complex, so the communication equipment need a long Mean Time Between Failures(MTBF).Tthe wind tower is widely distributed, once the network fails, troubleshooting is more difficult, so need redundant ethernet ensure stable network transmission.The whole system adopted optical media,needing communication equipment has fiber port,and fiber port should be flexible.

HRUI Solution Advantage

>HRUI industrial switch adopted industrial 4 levels,support -40~85℃ working temperature
>According to the wind field‘s need,the housing is adopted IP40 proteciton grade,having good resistance to moisture, corrosion and wind sand.
>Support IEC61850-3,IEEE1613,MTBF at least 25 years,5 years after-sales
>Support OP-ring,recovery time<20ms
>Fiber port is flexible,support 1~24 port,ensure flexible setting network,redundant power supply,din rail&wall mounted installation
>Support Ethernet/IP,Modbus/TCP protocol,using for equipment management and control.Support multicast and broadcast storm control
>Support QoS,ToS/DiffServ using for flow control and management,support link aggregation,optimize bandwidth utilization
>Support SNMPv3,IEEE 802.1X,HTTPS,SSH,strengthen network security,support TACACS+
>Adopted RMON,effectively improve network monitoring and forecasting ability
>Support bandwidth management to ensure network stability
> supports port locking based on MAC addresses to prevent unauthorized intrusions
>Quick and professional after-sales service.

System structure

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