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Industry application

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Automatic network solution for oil gas field exploitation

The construction of intelligent digital oil and gas field needs to build a safe, efficient and reliable automation network to improve oilfield production, strengthen production processing control, and assist production management. Through fiber cable and wireless transmission network, realize the production data and the equipment status information real-time transmission and sharing between the oil and gas field,the metering station, the collection and transportation station, the joint station and the processing plant,and can be centralized management and controlling in the production center, production control center. Because the network system carries video monitoring, data acquisition and controlling data, therefore, a high bandwidth backbone network with excellent redundancy, safety, real-time and reliability become the main requirement of oil field automation.

HRUI Solution Advantage

High performance full Gigabit 3 layer industrial Ethernet products, can be composed of redundant loop network, provides stable transparent channel through the Gigabit backbone transmission link,achieve data acquisition, real-time video and audio data transmission,support IEC62439-6/DRP, realize the rapid self-healing in 20ms, self-healing time is nothing to do with the number of network nodes,provide high reliability and extendibility network,provide a variety of network management solutions, implement remote equipment monitoring and maintenance.Simple, real-time user interface is easy for users to achieve remote management.Industrial design, improve the reliability of the system,provide independent double redundancy power supply,-40 ~85℃ wide temperature.

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